Alegri is your partner for IT consulting with Microsoft and SAP products in Munich, Stuttgart, Walldorf, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Basel, Zürich,Vienna and Cluj-Napoca.

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Gregor Emhart is managing director and CFO at Alegri.
Andreas Radix has been a member of the management team since May 2009. He is managing director and COO of Alegri.
Rainer Weissert has been a member of the management team since April 2008. He is managing director and CSO at Alegri.
Hinrich Mielke is Director SAP at Alegri.
4 Alegri AG, Switzerland
Christian Haas has been the CEO of Alegri AG Switzerland, since August 2011.
5 Director North
Ulf Linke is Regional Director North.
6 Director West
Uwe Wohnus is Regional Director West.
7 Director Center
Andreas Koch is Regional Director Center.
Mike Kaufmann
Michael Kaufmann is Regional Director Südwest.
9 Director South and Austria
Bernd Schöpplein is Regional Director South and Austria.
10 board chairman
Andreas Emhart founded the Alegri International Group 2001 and is advisory board chairman.