Business Critical SharePoint Partner

Alegri is a member of the Business-Critical SharePoint Partner Program of Microsoft. The program recognizes Microsoft partners with specific knowledge in business-critical SharePoint scenarios and experience in integrating enterprise applications such as ERP, SAP or CRM systems. SharePoint serves as the central integration platform for all business processes.

Alegri provides tailored solutions for various business departments. As a Business-Critical SharePoint Partner, Alegri combines the strengths of SharePoint and SAP along with other central line-of-business applications to streamline workflows, implement all processes, and execute initiatives such as Industry 4.0 in a process-driven manner.

BCSP partners have the expertise to close the gap between SharePoint and business-critical applications. SharePoint effectively supports the optimization of business processes by distributing information more intelligently and improving collaboration among teams. BCSP partners create solutions based on SharePoint to improve productivity, reduce costs, and react quickly to changing market requirements. 

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