Next generation Microsoft Dynamics CRM & SAP CRM

This next-generation customer management tool supports companies in optimizing customer-driven business processes. With Dynamics CRM, your marketing, sales and services profit from an integrated solution in which they can flexibly design workflows for prospects, sales or even customer services as well as logically structure, analyze and proactively manage large amounts of data. Alegri although supports your needs with SAP CRM.

Let our experts help you design solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Office.

Integration of:

  • ERP or booking systems with customer and product master data
  • Accounting systems with outstanding items and credit history
  • Special legacy solutions containing additional data
  • Mobile solutions based on Windows Mobile

Implementation and training:

  • Implementing the technical infrastructure and deploying the software into the corporate structure
  • Designing client-specific trainings based on the solution concept and including sales training components