Windows Azure is the cloud services platform from Microsoft. With it, your company can deploy applications as cloud services that are no longer bound to technical and cost limitations.

​Why invest valuable time and resources in your server infrastructure, when you can focus on what is really important: developing and deploying applications that generate added value for users and supporting the current IT requirements throughout your company.

Windows Azure delivers a demand-driven, scalable infrastructure that adapts to your changing business requirements – regardless if you are developing new applications or simply running existing ones.

Use it to develop and test applications faster and at lower costs. You can later deploy these solutions both on premises as well as in the cloud.

Windows Azure delivers scalable solutions to save, secure and restore all data and can be used in combination with your existing infrastructure. 

Active Directory from Windows Azure provides a cloud-based identification service with single-sign-on access to different applications both in the cloud and on premises. Multilevel authentication provides added security and compliance. 

The cloud solutions from Microsoft comply with the data privacy and protection laws in Germany and the European Union.


SAP in Azure

Microsoft and SAP are teaming up to give joint customers even more advantages. Companies profit from on-demand resources in the cloud while maximizing the value of their existing Microsoft and SAP investments. The reliable, secure cloud infrastructure platform of Microsoft Azure ensures fast cloud deployments of SAP solutions to simplify infrastructure administration and reduce costs. 

The scalable, flexible, low-cost approach supports timely upgrades of business-critical SAP systems to increase their speed to market.

 SAP in Azure "HANA without hardware". Read more.