Internet of Things

Today’s ongoing globalization is transforming the world. Modern technologies are merging with the Internet and sparking new ideas for flexible, intelligent ways to drive production – a concept, which manufacturers in Germany refer to as Industry 4.0 (“Industrie 4.0”), worldwide Internet of things. Alegri can support your company’s Industry 4.0 or Internet of things initiatives through its vast experience in software development.

Client lifecycle management from Alegri standardizes IT desktop environments, optimizes the equipment, accelerates the processes, and creates the technical requirements for future-proof provisioning concepts. 

Electronics and information technology have long entered the production halls of manufacturing companies. Today, machines perform and automate various steps of production processes. In the Industry 4.0 era, manufacturers will utilize the possibilities to link intelligent systems together.

The Internet, mobile computers and the cloud are making decisive changes to industrial processes. Embedded systems integrate powerful mini-computers into products or machines so they can exchange information on their own. Companies, in turn, can use them to develop and manage the industrial process more dynamically in the future.

The experienced software developers at Alegri can support your Industry 4.0 requirements in many ways, including:

  • Mass sensor data processing in the cloud
  • Cost reduction through predictive analytics
  • Intelligent controls in device production

Modernize your production – individually and flexibly – with support from Alegri!