Internet of Things

Everything that can be will be digitalized. When plants, systems and machines transfer and compare sensor information and, therefore, steer complex processes on their own, affiliated companies – whether in the manufacturing, processing or consumer goods industry – profit as well. CIOs, CTOs and CDOs manage this digital transformation and successfully implement digital business models that make the product part of the service offering. At Alegri, we work with you to identify intelligent ways to build customer loyalty to fuel your future revenue growth!

The digital transformation has arrived in many different areas of your business. Customers are wiser than ever before in an age when product lifecycles are shrinking and new competitors are emerging at record speed.

The digitalization portfolio from Alegri provides fast, hands-on support to answer your questions and implement your requirements.


With the Alegri IoT Edge-to-Enterprise Reference Architecture, you can implement your digitization project on the basis of a field-proven platform using the latest technologies:


Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Start with your data: Collect and analyze information, make decisions and implement ideas.

  • Support your product development (e.g. through rapid prototyping)   

  • Design your digital processes, products, sales/marketing and services

  • Run an Alegri IoT Innovation Assessment with design-thinking workshops, problem spaces, solution space prototypes, development and implementation

Agile implementation, DevOps and DaaS

  • Agile, cross-functional, well-coordinated development teams from Alegri

  • Certified know-how in Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, etc.

  • Development as a service (onsite, remote or nearshore)

Cloud and managed services

  • Use the cloud to optimally determine the resources and costs for your projects. Alegri is a leading Microsoft Azure Cloud Partner and a leader in the current "ISG Provider Lens – Germany 2017 Cloud Transformation/Operations Services & XaaS".

  • Control your cloud consumption effectively and cut costs drastically with from Alegri. 

  • Manage development and operations hand in hand. Utilize managed services from Alegri (nearshore in Romania) to effectively and efficiently support your project (German project management on site).

Fully managed IoT services

Alegri offers plug-in IoT with fully managed IoT services from a single source:

  • Over-the-air updates

  • Reporting overviews

  • Monitoring

  • Consulting, implementation

Alegri white paper (in German)

Read more about the digital transformation and IoT in our guide for the industrial, plant and mechanical engineering sectors (German only).