Internet of Things

IoT Innovation Assessment

Make your digital transformation a success – with the tried-and-tested digitalization portfolio and IoT innovation assessment from Alegri.

​IoT innovation assessments from Alegri provide the support you need to ensure a fast and effective analysis, concept design and implementation in your company.   

  • The problem space observes internal and customer-side processes from a digitalization point of view. The goal is to identify problem spaces (design thinking) and analyze them (e.g. better service planning) in multidisciplinary teams.

  • As part of the solution space workshop, participants will draft hypotheses, outline ideas for solutions, and create basic prototypes to test these ideas (e.g. optimized route and schedule planning to save time and HR costs). The goal is to generate and validate ideas for problem spaces (fail-fast approach).

  • Solution development and implementation puts the solution spaces into development, and draws up technological courses of action with iterative development based on scrum. The goal is to develop a solution scope focused on the highest levels of quality, agility and future extensibility.