Internet of Things

Product Service Digitalization

Product service digitalization plays an important role in the digital transformation. It focuses on new business models, closer customer relationships and the interplay of products, data and processes. Alegri can support you in these endeavors with diverse business scenarios.

​The digital transformation of products, service and customers is creating new ways for companies to interact with their clients across the product lifecycle and beyond their current consumer status.

  • Products and equipment are linked through over-the-air updates. Additional service volumes can be booked later as an option.

  • Available back-end systems can be integrated in the digital business, for example, to switch sales models through data from indirect B2B2C channels to direct B2C sales. This enables direct orders of consumables – even automatically triggered by sensors. This significantly increases customer retention. 

  • Product, sales, marketing and customer service grow together and open the door for new business models.