SAP Optimization Services

Aside from consulting, Alegri offers specialized services to optimize your SAP investments.

Alegri SAP Dashboard

Alegri SAP Dashboard shows all relevant technical parameters for your entire systems in a time series and identifies causalities and dependencies. You can identify the exact performance and quality of your SAP systems and optimize them. Benchmarks reveal technical weaknesses as direct comparisons. Alegri SAP Dashboard is currently the only tool on the market that unites data collection, comparison and analysis in this manner. 


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Alegri SAP Audit

The Alegri SAP Audit is an AddOn for the SAP Dashboard, analyzing SAP system via comparison with the market (technical benchmarking).

With the help of market comparison and the experience of Alegri SAP experts, recommendations for improving your SAP system will be given. Based on the facts coming from the measurement, target recommendation can be achieved for those points where your SAP system has potential compared with the market. This gives you an advantage in time and speed in:
• Improving SAP performance, stability und quality
• Increasing user satisfaction
• Securing the SAP operation
• Analyzing concrete SAP problems

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Alegri SAP Operating Cost Benchmark

Typical benchmarks of your SAP operating costs merely divide the costs by the number of users and compare that to other SAP systems. Alegri SAP Benchmark uses a completely different approach to:

  • Incorporate many different measurement points for our comparisons
  • Consider SAP users and their activities as well as the characteristics and complexity of the SAP system
  • Utilize a large pool of  cost and price information
  • Explore general conditions including the operating model, contract duration or quality   
  • Present and advise the various options for taking actions to tap the revealed potential

The goal is to optimize your systems by learning from the best. Our benchmarks are calculated fairly and show how you can optimize your SAP landscape by:

  • Identifying cost drivers  
  • Tapping savings potential
  • Negotiating SAP budgets based on facts

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Alegri SAP HANA Readiness Audit

SAP HANA is SAP's strategic platform for the future. All of the new strategic developments in SAP are based on SAP HANA as database. The end date of the maintenance of SAP systems installed on Oracle, DB2 / DB6 or MS SQL Server is fixed.

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