Managed Services

More and more companies today are outsourcing IT tasks to reliable partners so that they can flexibly access services as they need them. Through outsourcing, IT departments can effectively utilize specialized skills and ensure their ability to deliver while saving significant costs in the process. With its business division for managed services, Alegri International offers IT development, operations and other services with nearshoring based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

​Managing IT operations in complex system landscapes and maintaining a larger scope of applications are common challenges in companies today. Many internal IT departments can no longer provide the necessary services at all or in the required quality. In cases like these, companies can nearshore managed services through scalable service partnerships – a much more flexible alternative to classical outsourcing. 

Working strategically from Germany, Alegri manages its operational nearshoring business on site in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, with highly qualified IT professionals specializing in:

  • Complete service management portfolio – from specifications to implementation and operations
  • Infrastructure hosting including the cloud
  • Platforms (e.g. SQL, Oracle)
  • Application lifecycle (e.g. SharePoint, Java, .NET, SAP)
  • Basic operations for SAP, Microsoft AD, Exchange
  • Support
  • Development

If needed, this service model can also include specific training in client-specific applications (e.g. Tibco or Siebel).

Nearshoring provides excellent service quality, flexibility and scalability at significantly lower costs.