IT Core Infrastructure Management

Companies can reduce costs, improve performance, and increase productivity by building, migrating and optimizing their infrastructure and application landscapes. Alegri designs on-premises, cloud and hybrid infrastructures.

​Alegri's experts have vast knowledge in planning, implementing and establishing IT projects and processes in large, complex environments.

  • Server and cloud solutions:

    IT departments can profit from the converging trends of big data, modern apps, cloud and bring your own device (BYOD) to increase efficiency and generate added value. Microsoft Cloud Platform unifies local solutions with a cloud platform to create a responsive, easy-to-access hybrid solution.

  • Global Migration/Rollout Management:

    Use our international experience in replacing, migrating or launching new infrastructures and applications in global environments as well as at specific sites. We work with our customers to plan specific concepts for global infrastructure operations. This includes software distribution, patch management as well as the necessary logistics concepts to ensure low-cost operations. 

  • Core Infrastructure Optimization:

    In complex environments with different infrastructures and applications, new concepts and technologies for optimization and virtualization are necessary. Use the knowledge of Alegri's experts to get your data centers and IT environments geared for the future and to deliver the services that today's markets demand. 

  • Identity & Access Management:

    Security and access protection are always current issues for Microsoft server and client products – especially in the field of messaging. We'll advise you on how to implement centralized cockpits for managing security as well as consolidate and integrate directory services and single-sign-on solutions.

  • System Center - all products:

    With the System Center product line, your organization can deliver IT as a service. Alegri offers consulting services for all System Center products.

  • Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS):

    Alegri offers comprehensive consulting services for mobile client management that include a common infrastructure, device administration, security, BYOD, identity, devices, apps, data and more.

  • Client Lifecycle
    Ensure comprehensive client management throughout all phases of the lifecycle. Client lifecycle management from Alegri standardizes IT desktop environments, optimizes the equipment, accelerates the processes, and creates the technical requirements for future-proof provisioning concepts. 

Thanks to the added transparency, you can create lasting improvements to your IT governance. 

In addition to introducing and optimizing business and organizational processes, we can also help you launch, migrate or extend complex infrastructures and applications. 

Datacenter Star Audit has established itself as a seal of quality in the field of data center certifications. The evaluation is based on a comprehensive list of questions and an inspection from our eco-authorized auditors.