Business Analytics / BI / Big Data

Data is one of the greatest corporate assets, and disruptive business models are transforming entire industries. At Alegri, we help our clients gear up for new challenges as well as process growing masses of data efficiently and intelligently with innovative Microsoft and SAP solutions.

Growing amounts of data provide a world of new opportunities to develop new product marketing strategies, optimize production, improve customer loyalty, and effectively manage customer relationships. The main challenge, however, is enabling business units to process this data and identify correlations. At Alegri, we help you logically structure your data and aggregate it with the Microsoft technology portfolio.

Alegri applies the following two methods:


More and more companies are working with Alegri to establish innovative IT infrastructures. These infrastructures go beyond traditional architectures to flexibly adapt to the growing volume and complexity of today's business data. 

Individual solutions require qualified experts with vast knowledge.

Since business analytics begins long before the analysis platform, Alegri consultants utilize their specialized skills in the complete spectrum of modern enterprise IT.

Alegri has comprehensive expertise in popular IT landscapes. This eliminates the risk of overhauling as well as integrating and extending systems such as SAP BW and Business Objects. Our clients receive everything from a single source and can operate solutions as 24x7 managed services through Alegri.